That's me!

Hei you. I hope you will get to know me better while reading all this! ;)

I am Asmita and I am 15 years old. I am a Swiss girl and I live in a very small village.

I'm doing this Blog because I will spend eleven months in Panama. I'm going there because I want to learn Spanish SO BAD and I just want to experience a new world and culture. I'm doing this Blog because I want to share my new life there with you. I will have not much contact to Switzerland so I thought this would be a perfect solution. First - You will know what's up here. Second - You will not forget me that easy. =)  

FFM - Family, Friends und Music. Three things I can not live without. 

F - Family. I have grown in a family with five persons. Mom, Dad, younger brother and older brother. And of course there is our cute cat named Hannibal. ;) 

F - Friends. What would my life be like without any friends? We always have so much fun toghether. We go shopping or we go and watch a movie in the cinema or make some sleepovers. But sometimes we just spend a afternoon at home toghether and talk. 

M - Music. I'm making music since I've been a small child. violin, viola, electric bass and piano included. Now I just play the piano. I love playing it <3 

I mainly listen to chartmusic. Always other songs and artists, that's how I like it. But I have my favorite singers like Justin Bieber, Rihanna and Bruno Mars whose songs I also play on the piano.

If you want to know even more about me, contact me:

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